Would like a non-smart GSM phone that my young son can use. The battery should last at least a couple of days in standby mode. Thanks.
I'm in need of some moving boxes so if any of you has some that are in good condition please let me know, thanks
I'm looking for 2-3 tall boxes to create a standing exhibit display. Large monitors, refrigerator and/or washer machine boxes would work.
Hi all, if any of you have a weight set (some weights and a bar) that are no longer using I'd like to take it, please let me know. Thanks
Hello, If you have a wooden, queen sized bed, then please contact me. Ideally, this could be disassembled and reassembled for transport. Thank you, Jan
I need one of these to hold my phone and wallet while I paint outdoors. It doesn t have to be pretty, as long as the zipper and waist belt both work. Perhaps you have an old one that you no longer use?
Hello! I am a librarian looking to do a "Compost in a Bottle" activity for a composting program in July. I need to collect about 100 empty 2-liter plastic bottles. If anyone has any empty bottles they can spare or know of some place/organization where I can get my hands on a large supply of bottles, I would be very grateful!
Last year my home burned down in Los Gatos and I and my family lost everything....after being in coma with second and 3rd degree burns was released. Bought a lousy RV 5 miles to gallon which is eating all my resources need a small car or motorcyle to get ahead... seriously need this also to help my mother and brother. Natives of the area. Thanks Kevin Sr.4089631253
Looking for reasonably clean 2.5, 3, or 5 gallon plastic water bottles (carboys), jugs, or similar containers. Does not need to be food-safe, just reasonably clean from contaminants; will be used to hold rainwater for house plants. Thank you in advance!
Looking for a large coffee filter basket for re-purposing. Prefer something 5-cup or larger; a 10 or 12 cup one would be ideal. Or similar large strainer/filter-funnel. Does not need to be in great shape, just functional. If you have an old dead coffee maker you're tossing out, may we have the basket (just the basket), please? Thanks!
Hi, I'm looking for padlocks with no keys that people want to get rid of. We're using them for a lockpicking project for my son. Thanks!
Looking for some chicken wire to protect vegetable containers from squirrels.
I am looking for a Single Pane Window, preferably 36", but any size would do. Just need the moving window, not the fixed side. If you are replacing your window, or have one that is sitting around, I can put it to use.
If you have an old power cord that can charge an ASUS computer I would love to give it a new home. The plug that goes into the computer is round. Thank you for considering.
Hey all! Does anyone have an old Xbox that's taking up space that I can take off their hands? I've got some old games that aren't backwards compatible that I'd love to play again if someone has an Xbox to spare!
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I know this is a lot to ask. I'm disabled (intramedullary rod in the femur & hip on the right side), neuropathy in the left arm, hand and fingers, etc etc , & usually rely on someone to drive me (the transmission, & heater core, etc, just went out on their vehicle) (when my insurance is not driving me to appointments etc). While waiting on determination of if I will receive disability, I am in ...
over a month agoSanta Clara, CAItems Wanted
I love the Roadshow and want to attend. I'm a disabled veteran I missed out on getting a ticket. Like to know if you have an extra ticket. We can meetup nearby before the 7th if you like. We don't have to hang out the whole time there. I'll spring for lunch there.