over a month agoOakland, CA+37 milesItems Wanted
Want a team of mules,with harness,Street Wise To do a cross country trip mulesandwagon@gmail.com
over a month agoSouth Lake Tahoe, CA+174 milesItems Wanted
I am looking to buy a 2610 2620 or 2630 safari Trek Please call me 775-901-0898 Live in Nevada
over a month agoSacramento, CA+90 milesItems Wanted
Hi so my time is limited, in a bad spot need to move asap in need of a decent livable clean with everything needed to live in, with the most important need's being shower stove bedroom bathroom ex and so on. Please if by chance you have a Rv that could help me change my life so I can get back on my feet. Again my time is limited and I will have to move out with no where to go. plus lose mos...
over a month agoTopaz, CA+189 milesItems Wanted
This trailer was used for storage only. All gas appliances have never been lite.. It has AC that works great A generator is all you need And here you go to Burning Man !!!
over a month agoFremont, CA+13 milesItems Wanted
We are currently buying Comic books, vintage toys. Are you interested in making cash today for your items then please contact us. The list below are some of the comics that we are buying. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours. #1-325 Amazing Spider-Man #1-100 Avengers #1-150 Fantastic Four #1-200 Incredible Hulk #1-4 Wolverine (1982 Limited Series) #1-10 Wolverine #1-1...
over a month agoSanta Cruz, CA+26 milesItems Wanted
over a month agoSacramento, CA+90 milesItems Wanted
Homeless and have dog and others like me needing cheap and flexible payments for them to own it or free
over a month agoHawthorne, NV+244 milesItems Wanted
over a month agoStudio City, CA+330 milesItems Wanted
looking for a used treadmill in good working order.
over a month agoYerington, NV+223 milesItems Wanted
I am Looking for the Tote Gote CD Rom that was advertised on the Tote Gote Land website.
over a month agoBeverly Hills, CA+333 milesItems Wanted
Male Enhancer. More Pleasure More Better RESULTS. Ask for a free consultation today 888-424-6983
over a month agoFresno, CA+156 milesItems Wanted
Have a friend of mine who in need of financial help. I set up a donations page. If can and willing to help, go to www.gofundme.com/14qaj0 . Thank you for your time.
over a month agoAshland, CA+25 milesItems Wanted
Any unwanted or good shape furniture. Was moving and lanlord discarded. Hsving to replace entire house. With xmas comming up funds low. I can pick up,as long as.its not to far. Also looking for mens 2x4x shirts and flannels. Hub works outside and his clothes gone:-(((( any help
over a month agoSan Francisco, CA+43 milesItems Wanted
Do you have an arcade sitting in your garage just collecting dust or are you an operator with 100's of games that you service. Either way we want you to join https://www.allyoucanarcade.com/join All You Can Arcade is a monthly arcade rental subscription service where customers sign up to have a different arcade consoles delivered to their homes and offices. They can keep switching out t...
yesterdayCeres, CA+70 milesItems Wanted
Im looking for free bedroom set and bedding and maturity clothes please
I am looking for old weathered fence boards that are 1"x6" Will come and pick them up with my truck You can text me at 831-428-1896 and if you have time, sending a picture would be great! Thanks! -Mike
The Pager needs to beep but the cell phones will only be used visually. These are needed soon for a play opening at the ALTARENA PLAYHOUSE in Alameda on High Street. I need for them to be donated. We are over budget for Props. Please contact me at Susanmdunn@yahoo.com or 510-759-9771 and I will pick up. Thank you for any donation to our play!!!!
yesterdayLos Altos, CA+11 milesItems Wanted
If you have a backgammon set that is collecting dust, we would love to take it off your hands. Thanks for considering. -gloria